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Public Address Systems

Keeping people informed, secure and entertained with excellent sound quality

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With more than 90 years of expertise in public address (PA) systems, we create professional solutions for speech and music reproduction and voice evacuation. Building on industry-leading technology, we always focus on the user experience, designing exceptionally user-friendly interfaces for seamless interaction and integration with third-party products. Our extensive portfolio enables us to provide you with one-stop solutions that cover the entire signal chain, including loudspeakers, microphones, electronics, and more. Choosing Bosch public address systems means you're getting exceptional solutions that can accommodate applications of any size.

The PRAESENSA system will allow our integrators to propose new, innovative and more efficient solutions

Giuseppe Romeo

Mr. Giuseppe Romeo telling about his experience with the public address and voice alarm system PRAESENSA

Integrated solutions

Protecting lives with public address

Keeping people safe from harm is a key task of every public address and voice alarm (PAVA) system. Voice alarm functionalities ensure clear guidance and instructions in case of an emergency. Compared to traditional siren alerts, voice-guided evacuations reduce the time needed to clear buildings.

Keeping people informed and entertained

Keeping people informed and entertained

Commercial audio systems from Bosch create a pleasant, elegant and comfortable environment, encouraging people to stay longer and buy more. Amplifiers and loudspeakers help you to create the desired environment, and a unique customer experience.

IPPA PRAESENSA reliability

Offer your customers the gold standard in paging and mass notification

As a leader in the public address and voice alarm market, Bosch ensures unmatched system reliability with robust security features and fail-safe redundancy options. Our PAVA systems offer integral compatibility, seamless integration while ensuring highest protection. Furthermore, our high-performance music and announcement systems come with a variety of control methods and speaker options, opening up new ways for business owners to enhance their operations. Choosing Bosch means opting for reliable, secure, and adaptable solutions.

Meet our partner

Meet our integration partners to bring great PA solutions

Collaboration is the key to connectivity. By bringing together world-class professionals in the market, the Integration Partner Program unlocks new opportunities to build solutions that will amaze your customers and grow your business. Tapping into these joint solutions and expertise, makes it easier for system integrators to offer high-quality engineered solutions to end-users.

global presence all areas

Global presence and references

The Bosch family of PA systems is available worldwide. With a global sales and service network that is geared to serve local needs, we have built an international footprint of successful references, allowing us to cater to applications of all sizes. Our solutions are built to last, thanks to outstanding manufacturing quality and a well-defined fit for purpose.


Public address systems for any application

Each application has different system requirements. Airports need to broadcast travel updates across various terminals, demanding a PA system to overcome ambient noise levels. Universities aim to safeguard their campuses and student populations, requiring systems that offer comprehensive coverage of both indoor and outdoor spaces. As commercial buildings expand and evolve in design, there's a consistent need for integrated systems that not only keep shoppers informed about the latest deals but also deliver high-quality background music to elevate and optimize the shopping experience. Our wide portfolio provides solutions, covering everything from loudspeakers, microphones, electronics, and more. Bosch can offer you customized systems that adapt to any application size and needs.

Mastering public address

Mastering public address

We want to support you in making your business better and more successful. Therefore, it is important to us to put you “in the know” and become public address savvy. Create a Bosch Academy account and register for the trainings you desire. Invest into qualifying yourself for “PA” and tell your customers all about it.

Our PA product portfolio

Public address and voice alarm portfolio

Public address and voice alarm systems

Addressing customer needs with outstanding solutions for applications of every size.

  • Evacuation functionalities provide clear voice guidance and instructions in case of an emergency
  • Superior audio for speech and music reproduction
  • EN/UL certified PAVA systems protect people from potentially dangerous situations
Music and announcements portfolio

Commercial audio systems

Different control methods and speaker types geared to the needs of leisure, retail and hospitality applications.

  • Providing the right atmosphere to encourage sales
  • Creating a unique customer experience
  • Offering more and better business opportunities for owners
  • Music reproduction and announcements with great sound quality
Loudspeaker portfolio


A wide range of loudspeakers offer the best solution for every application.

  • Suitable for foreground and background music and optimized for highly intelligible speech reproduction
  • From cost-effective ceiling speakers to high-performance premium audio loudspeakers
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Any mounting type
IP loudspeakers and amplifier module portfolio

IP loudspeakers and amplifier module

Exceptional audio clarity and versatile integration for use in video surveillance and public address systems.

  • Audio communication using SIP systems and/or ONVIF based Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • Full IP for power (PoE), communication and control
  • Excellent speech reproduction
  • Features a build-in Class D amplifier and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Remotely configurable via Web-GUI
Microphone portfolio


Highest microphone performance for many applications.

  • Condenser and dynamic microphones
  • Wired and wireless options
  • Handheld, head worn, lavalier, gooseneck and table-top models
  • Various polar patterns


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