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A scalable fire detection solution from Bosch keeps an ever-expanding tire plant reliably secure in Romania

A fully compatible fire detection system from Bosch has been integrated at a successful automotive supplier’s tire production plant to provide highly dependable fire detection for current operations and for equally high-quality fire protection coverage with every future site expansion.



Manufacturing plants
Industrial tire manufacturing: Continental Tires Timisoara


  • Improved reliability for fire detection
  • Scalable solution for future premises extensions
  • Full compatibility with system integration
  • Significant reduction in alert response time

Product solutions

  • AVENAR fire alarm panels (FPA)
  • AVENAR 4000 detectors (optical and heat detection)
  • Intruder detection coverage
  • Manual call points (MCP)
  • Audible alerts (sounders)

Continuity of successful business demands top-quality fire safety

Continental plant in Timisoara

During its 25 years of activity, Continental Tires Timisoara has produced and delivered 300 million tires to its customers globally. The company produces a wide range of tires in line with market requirements, including Ultra High Performance (UHP) tires, innovative tires for electric cars, as well as tires for light commercial vehicles (VAN).

Fire detection on such a huge premises must be of a consistently exceptional standard to keep all employees safe and to protect valuable equipment, large volumes of resources and stored finished products.

However, industrial plants like this present fire hazards due to the materials being handled and processed, numerous power sources and the heat generated by continual operation of machinery. Therefore, the ESH Manager, Nadia Ciuhat, and her team responsible for fire detection coverage at the Continental site in Timisoara, looked for a solution that would be highly reliable now, and, as the production spaces expanded, could be extended in parallel to provide the same level of dependable coverage everywhere. Compatibility between all detection, alarm and emergency response components of a fire detection system was imperative, to ensure efficient monitoring of the entire site.

Our primary challenge revolved around the necessity for a fire detection solution that was applicable across the specified dimensions and adaptable to the frequent expansions of the plant.

Marius Girbaci, Fire prevention coordinator, Continental Tires Timisoara

The ESH Manager and her team, considered several solutions and spoke with system integrators and Bosch partners Loznianu Bogdan of Elkotech, based in Bucharest, and Raoul Florea, Managing Director of Atlantis Security in Timisoara. These conversations led to consultation with local Bosch sales representative, Alex Ene, who then involved Iliya Dochev, Regional Solutions Consultant for Bosch Security and Safety Systems. Iliya outlined the latest Bosch technologies which could address the scale of the Continental premises and future growth of the site. He says, “The solution which helped address our customer’s requirements is the Building Integration System (BIS) which allows the possibility to control, integrate and manage the fire alarm system, together with other systems, using one single platform.” Once all parties had agreed on the Bosch BIS management software as a basis, the system integrators could begin their vital work.

AVENAR panel in Continental plant in Timisoara
Fire detector on the ceiling

All fire safety components are connected on the plant. This currently includes 66 loops with 17 AVENAR 8000 fire alarm panels, 3,500 AVENAR 4000 detectors, intrusion alarms and manual call points among other modules. As the whole system is fully scalable, backwards and forwards compatible, site extensions and refits will not interrupt fire detection. The intelligent signal processing in the modern AVENAR detectors also help reduce false alarm events which is a significant benefit for such a plant with pressure to deliver bulk volumes of innovative products by tight deadlines.

The team at Continental Tires Timisoara is very satisfied with the advice they received and the project stakeholders’ choice of products and solutions to their challenges in fire detection coverage. Fire safety across the whole manufacturing site has elevated to a whole new level: The efficient, reliable and scalable fire detection system can now be seamlessly extended and adapted with every new premises expansion!

Manual call point

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