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Access Control Systems

Access Control Software

Access control is an essential component of building security. You need a truly reliable software to manage the access profiles of different users of your facility. Our access control software (Access Management System) is a future-proof access management system for medium- to large-sized applications. It is easy to use, operate and expand. Nevertheless, it is extremely stable, offering best-in-class reliability, security and several features found only in high-end security solutions.

Your simple but state-of-the-art access control solution

Keeping your data safe

Bosch applies the highest standards with regard to data security and (GDPR compliant) privacy protection. To protect against cybercrime and the loss of personal data, all communication is encrypted at all stages. Our access control software also has trusted digital certificates for mutual authentication between server and client and uses secure design principles such as ‘secure-by-default’ and ‘principle of least privilege’. Your data is definitely safe with the industry-leading Bosch products.

Data Privacy

Icon AMS-05

Strict access authorizations to personal data

Icon AMS-01

Only relevant data can be collected

Icon AMS-06

Data storage duration to comply with company policy

Data Security

Icon AMS-03

Secure-by-design: encryption, authentication, certificates

Icon AMS-02

Secure-by-default: all security settings on high per default

Icon AMS-04

Principle of least privilege: assign granular privileges for operators

Schematical representation of an access control system with high-end data security

A system open for integration

Contact our specialist

If you would like to find out more, or want to know how we can help you with your access control needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative.

Marina Netto

Marina Netto
Regional Product Marketing Manager Security


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Interactive portfolio

Access Control Systems



Access Management System

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