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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Latin America

Repair & Exchange

support team

Our engineering expertise for high quality repairs & Complete exchange in a single trip on site

BOOST repair

Your repair will be executed by highly qualified technicians with trained expertise. To guarantee high quality repairs, our team works closely with other technical departments like R&D and Quality Management. In addition, we do not just repair your device; we process it completely. Therefore, before the device is prepared for shipping, it undergoes an obligatory quality and safety check. If necessary, further tests are administered to ensure that it is working properly.


BOOST exchange

If there is an issue with one of your products, we offer fast and competent service through the advanced exchange. The advanced exchange is available for most of our products during the warranty period. In order to minimize system downtimes, a new or refurbished product is sent out immediately when you submit a request to us. Therefore, you can directly fix the problem on-site to ensure that the system is running as soon as possible.


Original spare parts for maximum performance

BOOST spare parts

We have the right Bosch spare parts for almost every product for you. You can not only rely on the high quality of all spare parts, we can also guarantee precise processing and the perfect fit for your individual needs. Even if a product is no longer manufactured, its spare parts are usually still on stock for another five years.