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Apartment Buildings

Fire alarm, voice evacuation, and access control solution for luxury apartment buildings



Apartment buildings
The River, Vietnam


  • High level of fire safety, minimized false alarms
  • Combination with access control and video surveillance for all-round security
  • Easy operation and convenient monitoring of all systems

Product solutions

A place of well-being with a very high demand for security without disturbance

The River is a luxury apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City in South Vietnam. It was built directly on the waterfront on the Thu Thiem peninsula, which is developing into the new central business district. With over 20 private pools, the complex is a place of well-being in the hectic city. This makes it all the more important that residents feel completely safe and are not disturbed in their peace and quiet.

Aerial view of The River luxury apartment complex in Ho Chi Minh City.
New apartment complex: The River in Ho Chi Minh City

Avoid false alarms and unnecessary evacuations

The building owners REFICO and CII – two of Vietnam’s leading project development companies – wanted to maximize fire safety while minimizing the risk of false alarms. Unwanted disturbances to residents and unnecessary evacuations were to be avoided. The system integrator KPS System Corp developed a solution that connects the fire alarm system with the public address and voice evacuation system. This combination enables centralized monitoring of both systems to detect potential faults at an early stage. At the same time, it gives security personnel complete control over the evacuation process in case of emergency.

A single horn speaker mounted on a ceiling, part of a public address and evacuation system.
One of almost 600 speakers of the public address and evacuation system

The team at KPS System Corp has delivered a sophisticated solution that minimizes risks and maximizes security. In combination, the Bosch system is a high-end product, easy to operate, and provides both us and the residents with peace of mind.

Dinh Tan Dat, CEO of Khai Phat Security System Corporation

Access control and video surveillance for all-round security

The holistic security concept was complemented by access control and video surveillance – at all key points such as the garages, lobbies, elevators, and corridors on all floors. All systems can be conveniently monitored from a central control room. The complex has a gross floor area of 90,000 m² and comprises 525 exclusive apartments in three towers.

Multiple screens in a central security control room displaying various camera feeds for surveillance.
Central control room

The technical equipment is correspondingly extensive and includes:

  • 3 fire alarm control panels
  • More than 1,600 heat detectors and 3,500 smoke detectors
  • 3 public address and emergency sound system control units
  • Almost 600 speakers
  • Over 360 cameras – turret, bullet, and fixed dome
  • 12 network recorders
  • More than 100 door controllers and card readers
A fire alarm appliance and a bullet camera mounted on a pillar in a garage.
Fire alarm appliances and bullet cameras in garages
A fixed dome security camera installed on a ceiling inside an elevator
Fixed dome cameras in elevators
A smart card reader mounted on a wall, indicating a secure access point.
Smart card readers for secure and easy access

Better protection for building users with less effort

The combination of fire alarm, public address, and evacuation system, along with access control and video surveillance, provides comprehensive protection for building occupants. Bringing all systems together in a central control room simplifies operation and monitoring. Hazards are detected early and the risk of false alarms is minimized. At the same time, security personnel can act quickly and decisively in the event of an emergency.

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