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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I North America

Innovative security solutions that are scalable, reliable, and sustainable for government applications globally

The White House

Safeguarding the U.S. infrastructure is a challenging and essential mission. Maintaining a comprehensive physical and cyber security posture is fundamental in the continuity of government, and the greatest challenge to those in positions of authority. Cultivating efficiencies in security technology is essential to achieving the security posture desired to protect government assets.


Improve security

Integrated solutions secure buildings, bases, perimeters and borders, ports and more.

Manage incidents

Timely and accurate information enables fast responses to potential threats.

Maximize data security

Ensure the proper measures are in place for physical safety and cybersecurity.

Compliant government solutions

At Bosch, we continually work to meet current and new government compliance requirements. We are actively engaged with testing and validation agencies to ensure our products perform at or above the quality standards defined by each government organization. We aim for continuous improvements to our products through collaboration with our government customers.

Bosch products for government applications

Expanding innovation: Addressing complex challenges in government

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Jeff Fields, Manager, Federal Government Programs - CONUS, OCONUS

“Government customers are faced with an ever-changing landscape of physical and cyber security risks. We aim to inform how advancements in technology can create value. Our success in modernizing government security applications is based on our ability to provide solutions that increase operational efficiencies for the customer.”

Jeff Fields manages the government sector for Bosch, supporting Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and intelligence communities globally. With more than 30 years of experience in the migration of technology, he guides customers in crafting innovative solutions that are scalable, reliable, and sustainable.

Jeff Fields

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