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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I North America

Start troubleshooting

In case of a product malfunction, technical support will help you.

Start troubleshooting

We recommend that you leave the devices mounted and connected to clarify the fault. This way, our experts can still connect to the products for troubleshooting and recovery. Most cases of the incidents with no hardware failure can be resolved immediately. In case of hardware failure, we help you to clarify questions of warranty, service level, repair process or product exchange.

Before you contact technical support, please review the troubleshooting guide and have the serial number of the affected product available.

Troubleshooting guide

Based on this guideline, we can ensure you a proper and efficient handling of your reported problem.

  • What is not functioning?
  • What product seems to be affected?
  • What are the symptoms of the product not functioning and how do they manifest? Provide snapshots if necessary.
  • Did the product work before or is it a new installation?
  • In what type of application is the product being used?
  • What is the serial number of the affected product? (in case of storage equipment or follow-up via Return material authorization (RMA)).

  • How many Bosch devices/items are you using?
  • How are the products connected?
  • Device type numbers and Firmware version incl. Build?
  • What versions of Bosch Software are you using?
  • What protocols are used (Bosch, ONVIF, Pelco, etc.)?
  • Which 3rd party hardware/software including FW/SW versions are you using?
  • What operating system including service pack version, language and adjusted time zone is used?

  • What type of network setup is used? Please supply network diagram/topology (Layer 1)
  • What type of switch and/or router types are used?
  • Is the system running in a Domain network?

  • What is the desired functionality of the system?
  • Where was product purchased from?
  • Have you attended product training? If yes provide details.
Self-help media

Self-help media

We share our extensive self-service library with you 24/7. Our knowledge base covers a variety of products, design guidelines, and problem solutions.

This will often help you to find the answer to your questions quicker.

Answers to frequently asked questions

You have installed or are installing a Bosch Building Technologies product and it is not functioning as designed based on the technical specifications? Please contact Bosch After Sales technical support and make sure that you are prepared to address initial diagnostic questions listed below. Based on this guideline we can ensure you a proper and efficient handling of your reported problem. Not being able to supply below information could lead to a delay in finding the solution for you. Keep the serial numbers available in case a RMA is necessary.

When your product does not function as expected you can have different options: You can either look for troubleshooting information in the manuals available for your product (user manual, installation manual, operator manual,...) and the Bosch Knowledge Base or contact our technical support by phone or email. If you are and end user, pleae contact your installer, dealer or maintenance company first.
If you do not know your installer you can find a list of official Bosch partners with our dealer locator on our webpage.
Important: please do not disconnect or discmount any product before you contact our technical support. The product must still be connected and powered to allow the technical support to identify the root cause of the malfunction and to see if it can be resolved remotely or with a firmware update and a different programming or configuration. Only disconnect the product after confirmation from technical support that the root cause is a harware failure that requires a repair in one of our service centers.

Please contact us and make sure that you are prepared to address initial diagnostic questions listed in troubleshooting guide.

Start troubleshooting and contact our qualified technical support for Bosch hardware and software products.
Return Material Authorization (RMA) process

Return material authorization (RMA) process

If it should happen that there is a hardware failure, physically visible or after confirmation from our troubleshooting experts, we help you start the RMA process.

Expert troubleshooting support

Expert troubleshooting support

You need a fast and professional service solution on-site or remote? By providing remote or on-site trouble shooting support, we complement and back up your local technical support team with proficient Bosch expertise to ensure minimized risks, low unplanned downtimes, reduced cost and effort and fast restoration of functionality.

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