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Mass Notification Systems

Get all paging and mass notification messages across, no matter what

Public address and voice alarm solutions by Bosch

State-of-the-art, public address and voice evacuation systems play a crucial role in addressing security and safety concerns. As a global leader and supplier of such systems, we ensure optimum effectiveness for our customers, as our paging and voice evacuation solutions excel in outstanding performance and reliability. Our voice evac systems cover the entire signal chain, spanning from the microphone and call station to the mixer/amplifier, controller, and loudspeakers. PA and voice alarm systems (PAVA) can be implemented to transmit flawlessly clear paging in every part of the building, while also delivering high-quality audio playback. Bosch provides systems and components around the world.

A hand plugging a cable into the Bosch PRAESENSA PA system

Easy migration towards IP

An IP-networked voice evacuation system can immediately accommodate changes to building use. When you add or define new areas for use, the system updates the changes effortlessly. When the system is IP connected, it can facilitate both centralized and decentralized topologies, as well as easy interconnectivity with other systems. Devices in an IP-based system can be managed via OMNEO media networking technology, enabling better audio quality and greater scalability than any other PAVA system.

A big city from above with icons symbolizing typical application areas of voice evacuation systems

Typical application areas for mass notification systems

The flexibility and scalability of our voice evacuation solutions make them suitable for spaces of all shapes and sizes such as airport, houses of worship, public and office buildings, schools, and multistore retail.

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Our latest stories

Bosch has decades of experience in designing state-of-the-art voice evacuation solutions, with a proven track record in the field. Here you can find some of our latest customer stories and product news.

The three training levels in the Bosch Academy: Introduction, Expert and Master

Mastering paging and mass notification

To drive your business better and to be more successful, that’s what it is all about. Therefore, it is important to us to put you “in the know” and become paging and mass notification savvy. Create an account on the Bosch Academy and register for the public address and voice alarm training you desire. Invest into qualifying yourself and tell your customers all about it.

Our paging and mass notification portfolio



Mid-to-large (multi-site) application areas.

  • All system components are part of an IP network for the highest flexibility and scalability
  • Innovative amplifier architecture assigns power where it is needed, increasing efficiency and lowering cost of ownership
  • No single point of failure and built-in redundancy are at the core of the system concept
  • User-friendly call station design delivers an intuitive interface with feedback on progress and status
  • Flexible and state-of-the-art system design adapts to changing needs in the future


Mid-sized (multi-site) application areas.

  • IP-based multi-system interconnection allows for centralized and decentralized set-ups
  • Intelligent input switching, dynamic channel assignments and power load sharing allow design changes at any stage of the project
  • Wide range of announcement and music combinations, thanks to four-channel matrix architecture
  • Professional sound quality with premium 24-bit digital processor, superior digital-to-analog converters, and outstanding signal-to-noise ratio

Quick mass notification system comparison



Full IP system architecture / IP networked
(Full IP increases scalability, flexibility, ease of installation and lowers the total cost of ownership)

Yes / Yes

No / Yes
System flexibility
(Defined by the degree of flexibility in audio routing)


System scalability
(Defined by the system's expansion capabilities beyond the initial installation specifications)





More of our public address portfolio

Music and announcements portfolio

Commercial audio systems

Different control methods and speaker types geared to the needs of leisure, retail and hospitality applications.

  • Providing the right atmosphere to encourage sales
  • Creating a unique customer experience
  • Offering more and better business opportunities for owners
  • Music reproduction and announcements with great sound quality
Loudspeaker portfolio


Wide range of loudspeakers, IP loudspeakers and IP modules offer the best solution for every application.

  • Suitable for foreground and background music and optimized for highly intelligible speech reproduction
  • State-of-the-art IP loudspeakers and IP amplifier module
  • From cost-effective ceiling speakers to high-performance premium audio loudspeakers
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Any mounting type
IP loudspeakers and amplifier module portfolio

IP loudspeakers and amplifier module

Exceptional audio clarity and versatile integration for use in video surveillance and public address systems.

  • Audio communication using SIP systems and/or ONVIF based Video Management Systems (VMS)
  • Full IP for power (PoE), communication and control
  • Excellent speech reproduction
  • Features a build-in Class D amplifier and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Remotely configurable via Web-GUI


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