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Access Control

Now available: Access Management System 5.0 & Visitor Management 5.0

The reception area of an office protected by access control using turnstiles, with the slogan 'Go with the flow'.

Access Management System 5.0

We are proud to announce the launch of Access Management System 5.0. With this update your access control systems will be ready for the future.


  • Simple and fast creation of 3rd party integrations and applications

Now available: full integration possibilities thanks to the new REST based API of our software. You can integrate numerous solutions from third-parties, like:

  • Video management
  • Facility management (mobile apps)
  • Identity management (workflow based)
  • Visitor and supplier management
  • Guard tour management
  • Safety and personnel protection
  • Time and attendance management
  • Mobile and biometric reader integration
  • Parking and occupancy management


  • Time and Attendance export functionality

Next to the default easy export of time stamps, you can now customize your export format, allowing for easier import into 3rd party HR or time and attendance systems.


  • Offline locks integration

Our software now offers full functionality for offline locks integration, making it possible to choose any offline locks vendor that supports the OSS-SO standard.


  • User experience improvements

The user experience has been improved in many aspects, such as:

  • New licensing system via Bosch Remote Portal; provides simple and secure way to manage licenses
  • Quick and easy set-up and configuration; saves time and lets you experience less errors during installation


  • Improved data security

Thanks to the Remote SQL server set-up you now have an option to connect to your own central SQL database. This allows for a better fit into existing IT infrastructures, central data management across all applications and better data security.


Visitor Management 5.0

Effective visitor management must go beyond meeting and greeting visitors who enter the reception area of any business or public building. It must enhance building security, protect facilities and employees, and improve the overall experience for users and visitors. Bosch just released the new Visitor Management 5.0 with the following new features and improvements;

Easy to use

User experience improvements

For hosts:

  • Mail server integration, which makes visitor invitations via e-mail possible
  • Automated host notification when visitor has checked in
  • The ability for hosts to enter the time when visitor has left
Visitor Management

User experience improvements

For receptionist:

  • Custom front end user interfaces allowing for easy organization of visitor data
  • Bulk delete operations
  • Export of CSV files and Excel format (E.g. print emergency report or visitor frequency report)
  • Print visitor pass

Additional support devices

This new version now supports even more devices for facilitating visits for both receptionists and visitors e.g.,

  • Class enrollment readers from HID
  • Printer for printing names on re-writeable cards
  • USB camera for taking picture for visitor badge
  • ID scanner (Adaptive recognition ID scanners)
  • Signature pad (Signotec signature pads)


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