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Fire Alarm Systems

Next-generation video-based flame and smoke detection

The new AVIOTEC 8000i IR provides the fastest, most reliable round-the-clock fire monitoring, indoors, semi-outdoors and overnight.

Speed of detection and reliability of alerts are key factors of fire protection. Some environments, however, pose particular monitoring challenges yet also house a high-risk combination of potential sources of ignition and explosions. The latest algorithms and deep learning methods used in the new release of AVIOTEC video-based fire detection overcome all such challenges – at unprecedented speed – even in scenarios where no other solution exists.

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Bosch AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera in white housing installed at ceiling monitoring industrial manufacturing hall for electronic components

Challenges of finding a highly reliable fire detection system

Applications requiring specialized fire-detection solutions

Heat, movement, hazardous substances and the sheer scale of spaces used for manufacturing, logistics and transportation all generate additional risks for which early fire detection is vital. High ceilings, unusual layouts, a mix of construction types and diverse materials housed within them require tailored solutions. Particularly in scenarios with vast numbers of personnel or valuable material assets, or where halts in productivity would generate a substantial loss of revenue, safety managers must plan for fire safety across every inch of their business premises.

AVIOTEC 8000i IR: latest technology from long-term deep learning

The next generation of video-based flame and smoke detection is already here. The technology behind AVIOTEC 8000i IR is intelligent AI algorithms which can analyze high volumes of data for deep learning. The algorithms, together with high-quality images and an infrared illuminator can reliably distinguish between a harmless occurrence and the start of a real fire within seconds, even in harsh environments, low-visibility conditions and overnight.

  • Bosch AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera in white background
  • production hall area with a Bosch AVIOTEC 8000i IR camera pointing to smoke and alerting a potential fire threat

A new era for safety management – the benefits of BOSCH innovation:

Robust and reliable detection

The next-generation technology of AVIOTEC 8000i IR is already extremely reliable as it is based on the analysis of vast quantities of image data from real fires and false alarm scenarios. It can therefore make a clear distinction between alert events and false alarms within seconds. The deep learning algorithms go one step further with the continuous input and analysis of further data from live footage. This makes it not only fast, but also highly robust, sensitive and customizable for every fire safety application.

High-resolution images

Sensors within AVIOTEC 8000i IR video cameras produce and monitor images at 4 megapixels. This elevates the image quality of video-based fire detectors – and therefore reliability of smoke and flame detection – to a whole new level across the entire fire protection market. High-quality footage continues to be monitored down to 1 lux and even in darkness, thanks to an automatic, built-in infrared illuminator.

All-in-one customizable camera

No additional accessories are required for the installation and operation of AVIOTEC 8000i IR. The product is fully equipped with IP 67 housing, an integrated lens, 4-megapixel sensors, infrared illumination, and alarm and trouble relays. Bosch also offers an easy-to-use planning tool to design the installation.

Dual relay function

Besides its robustness against false alarms, AVIOTEC 8000i IR can also help support safety managers responsible for fire system maintenance. The device features two different relays, one to trigger an alarm in case signs of real fire or smoke are detected and the other to trigger an alert to indicate the rare occasion of trouble with the system itself.

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Invest in rapid, highly reliable fire detection, secure business continuity and lower maintenance efforts with smart video-based flame and smoke detection. Learn more about AVIOTEC 8000i IR from Bosch and talk with our experts.

Patrizia Bogers

Patrizia Bogers, global business development manager AVIOTEC

"Great to see how a new technology really helps customers keeping their business running, and provides them with a solution that was not previously available for their applications.“

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