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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Bosch video analytics for data solutions in Intelligent Transportation Systems

Vehicle traffic on a highway

Bosch IP cameras acting as video sensors are a key component to intelligent transportation systems that help to keep roadways flowing safely and efficiently. Working with strategic partners, Bosch IP cameras enable detection and monitoring solutions that instantly alert the right people to safety risks while constantly gathering information on roadway usage to provide better insights and information for data-driven decision-making. As a result, city planners and senior traffic engineers can create a smarter, safer and more sustainable transportation ecosystem.

On-board Video Analytics tailored for intelligent transportation systems

Bosch cameras with built-in Video Analytics produce both a video stream and a metadata stream for analyzing traffic

For decades, Bosch has developed Video Analytics technology used in vehicles for driver assistance, semiautonomous and autonomous driving, and intelligent safety systems. This same foundational analytics technology is inside Bosch IP cameras. Video Analytics built-in to Bosch IP cameras enables intelligent devices that can alert to safety risks and deliver valuable data for highway and urban infrastructure planning.

With Bosch IP cameras, analytics processing is at the edge – in the camera itself – with no central server required. This enables a distributed network of cameras acting as intelligent processing nodes with no single point of failure, delivering cost-effective and reliable video-as-a-sensor solutions. A single video device provides superior video images, intelligent event detection and real-time alerts, and data collection and aggregation.

Detection accuracy exceeds 95 percent

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will improve safety and mobility on our roadways, and the latest Bosch INTEOX cameras are built on a higher performance processing platform that supports on-board embedded neural-network based video analytic detectors tailored for ITS detection and data. The neural nets are engineered to classify pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses.

Traffic Detector improves detection capabilities in congested scenes, enabling accurate counting of overlapping vehicles queued at traffic lights or in dense traffic jams, while ignoring common disturbances caused by vehicle headlights, shadows, extreme weather, sun glare and reflections. With high precision detection, accuracy levels extend beyond 95 percent – a necessary threshold for ITS safety applications.

Detection accuracy exceeds 95 percent

See active deployment examples

Wrong way driver solutions

Counting pedestrians and vehicles

GPS coordinate metadata

Data collection and dashboards

Smart Corridor V2X solutions

Smart intersection V2X solutions

Integration with highway information solution providers

Highways, intersections, city streets, and sidewalks are becoming more congested, while connected vehicles that communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure are on the rise. Choosing the right technology is paramount to improving mobility, safety, and efficient use of roadways.

Bosch video cameras with on-board intelligent analytics tailored for ITS applications extend camera capability beyond monitoring. They act as smart video sensors that report issues affecting the safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Integration with Connect:ITS from MH Corbin enables complete solutions, where events detected by the cameras trigger real-time safety messages, in-vehicle alerts, TMC notifications and other measures to improve safety and mobility. Using dedicated short-range communications (DSRC), situations such as traffic congestion and pedestrian presence and movement data can be broadcast automatically to smart vehicles or to dynamic message signs to notify drivers entering an area.

Watch this recorded webinar with Bosch and MH Corbin for more details.

Dynamic message sign warning drivers of highway congestion ahead

Bosch cameras for intelligent transportation systems

Bosch offers a complete camera portfolio for intelligent transportation systems. NEMA TS 2 certification confirms they meet environmental requirements for traffic applications, while NTCIP compliance ensures communication with traffic management systems. Bosch IP cameras offer best-in-class light sensitivity, excellent high dynamic range, and front and backlight compensation for clear images even in difficult conditions. Plus, all Bosch IP 7000-9000 series cameras feature built-in Intelligent Video Analytics as standard.


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