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Technology Consortium for Infrastructure Security (TCIS)

The energy and utility sector includes facilities for generating, transmitting, and distributing energy of all kinds. Gaps in security or safety can seriously threaten public health, environment, economy, and even national security.

Utility facility

Recognizing the need for tightly integrated and multi-layered security solutions for the energy and utility industry, a group of companies serving the sector have come together to form the Technology Consortium for Infrastructure Security (TCIS). TCIS aims to help energy and utility providers deploy next generation automated systems for operational and situational awareness, supporting process, safety, and security operations. Together, the members offer application-specific industrial grade solutions to supplement and align with existing security and safety infrastructure installed at an energy or utility facility. These solutions use the latest technology to enhance security and safety with systems that are easy to deploy at scale and operate.

TCIS solutions for energy and utility facilities

Technology Consortium for Energy Infrastructure Security founding members

Supporting partners

Supporting partners

TCIS includes several supporting partners, including Echodyne, Genasys, Genetec, Milestone Systems, Walaris, LenelS2, PROTEC H, and Magos Systems.

Jon Carstensen

Business Development Manager – Utilities, North America

Jon Carstensen

Jon Carstensen has a diverse background that lends to his ability to solve real-world problems with programs, technologies, and operational improvements. His focus is to bring scalable, sustainable, and robust safety and security solutions to the energy/utilities market. He understands the requirements for high up-time, cyber protection, and maximum operational efficiency, which drive his passion for the energy and utilities space.


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