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Trouble Shooting

Technical experts around the world & expert service wherever needed

BOOST support

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Our qualified technical support services for Bosch hardware and software products are based on a three tier model. You can always get in touch with our multi-language support team via a web contact form, email, and phone. Our well-trained support team provides you all answers to product-related questions as well as guidance to find the best solution for your individual needs.

BOOST on-site

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With our on-site commissioning services, Pre-Sales engineers with expert knowledge are available at a predictable cost and flexible schedule- to support system integrators to commission large and complex installations. We support you wherever needed in the project design and commissioning phase. Direct customers with a Bosch account number can order BOOST on-site Pre-Sales Services directly; end customers need to order the service via their system integrator or distributor.

Use our knowledge to become an expert yourself

BOOST knowledge

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We share our extensive self-service library with you 24/7. This allows you to access all desired product information, whether on a beginner or expert level free of charge. Our stock of knowledge covers a variety of products, design guidelines, and problem solutions. This will often help you to find the answer to your questions quicker.


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BOOST support

BOOST support

Time-saving, high availability

24/7 availability via a web contact form. On average, the Technical Expert Group will answer your request on the next business day.

Fast Solutions

The close cooperation and real time backup of experienced experts and direct communication with engineers on current developments ensures fast solutions for all types of problems.

Professional guidance

The standardized processes for technical support ensures that the quality of the answers and solutions provided are consistent. Additionally, by seamlessly measuring and monitoring KPIs, our services are continuously being improved.

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BOOST on-site

BOOST on-site

Predictive cost at fixed daily rates

Financial risks: are limited as we support you at fixed rate prices. Your efforts for trouble shooting and problem resolving are brought down to a minimum at predictable cost.

Expert support for failure analysis

An on-site technical specialist supports in trouble shooting, in failure diagnostics and on configuration / design verification as well as in analyzing product related incidents and advising to restore functionality.

Minimized system downtimes

Due to flexible expert field engineer availability system downtimes are minimized and limitations in system functionality are reduced or even avoided

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BOOST knowledge

BOOST knowledge

24/7 Availability

The Bosch Security Knowledge Base is always available whenever you need technical advice.

Latest Information

Whenever new technical information becomes available, it is immediately added to the Bosch Security Knowledge Base.

Free of Charge for Everyone

No registration or login is required.

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Is the product not functioning as designed?

You have installed or are installing a Bosch Building Technologies product and it is not functioning as designed based on the technical specifications? Please contact Bosch After Sales technical support and make sure that you are prepared to address initial diagnostic questions listed below. Based on this guideline we can ensure you a proper and efficient handling of your reported problem. Not being able to supply below information could lead to a delay in finding the solution for you. Keep the serial numbers available in case a RMA is necessary.

Problem description

▶What is not functioning?

▶ What product seems to be affected?

▶ What are the symptoms of the product not functioning and how do they manifest? Provide snapshots if necessary.

▶ Did the product work before or is it a new installation?

▶ In what type of application is the product being used?

▶ What is the serial number of the affected product? (in case of storage equipment or follow-up via RMA).

Detailed description of the complete system

▶How many Bosch devices/items are you using?

▶How are the products connected?

▶ Device type numbers and Firmware version incl. Build?

▶ What versions of Bosch Software are you using?

▶ What protocols are used (Bosch, ONVIF, Pelco, etc)?

▶ Which 3rd party hardware/software including FW/SW versions are you using?

▶ What operating system including service pack version, language and adjusted time zone is used?


▶ What type of network setup is used? Please supply network diagram/topology (Layer 1)

▶ What type of switch and/or router types are used?

▶ Is the system running in a Domain network?

Optional general information

▶ What is the desired functionality of the system?

▶ Where was product purchased from?

▶ Have you attended product training? If yes provide details.


support guideline

Guideline to start initial troubleshooting

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