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AVIOTEC won the first place in GIT Security Award 2020

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 won the first place

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the number one of GIT Security Award 2020 in Category B: Fire and Explosion Protection, Industrial Safety. Jury and readers of the GIT Security magazine chose this product thanks to its innovative technology providing safety especially for applications, where smoke cannot reach the classic fire detectors and where fire needs a quick recognition. AVIOTEC’s approach is to detect a fire within seconds before it spreads and to distinguish between uprising smoke and moving objects.

What is the GIT Security and GIT Security Award?

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GIT Security is an international periodical that reaches all decision makers involved in investment and in purchasing, through specialist departments and up to management level, in the private as well as in the public sector. With GIT Security, readers from manufacturer and all kind of distributors along to the end user can get information about market news, products, companies, trade fairs, safety solutions, trends and leading innovations. Overall, the audience of GIT Security magazine consists of more than 75 000 readers.

GIT Security Award is internationally recognized as the most competent award for products or solutions. It comprises six different categories from A to F. All the products that are taking part in the competition need to go through two steps. First of all a professional jury that consists of safety experts evaluate the products and decide who will be the finalists. After that, the voting is open to all the readers and the finalists should receive as many votes as possible in their category. However, not only the readers of the print journals can vote, but also market participants, fans and partners can support their favourite product.

Video-based fire detection technology


Video-based fire detection AVIOTEC is the first and so far only VdS-certified, innovative solution for reliable early fire detection. It is particularly suitable where standard systems reach their limits, e.g. warehouses, production halls, hangars and extensive building complexes. Unlike common fire detection, AVIOTEC identifies flames or smoke directly at the source. It hereby masters challenges such as delayed smoke or heat development up to the ceiling or inversion situations. AVIOTEC is a solution for buildings with high ceilings as well as dusty and humid environments. Due to rising fire loads and stricter fire protection requirements, AVIOTEC opens up new ways of a protection concept, which are increasingly rewarded by insurance companies.

Innovative technology

Tunnel with AVIOTEC in action

Unlike conventional fire detection technology, video-based fire detection recognizes flames and smoke directly at the source. A combination of intelligent, constantly evolving algorithms offers not only early fire detection but also general video surveillance functions. Verification and subsequent visual analysis of fire events ensures optimal use of the solution. This, as well as a reliable differentiation of fire parameters and disruptive factors, such as movements, reflections or changes in the lighting conditions, ensure optimized false alarm robustness.

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