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Conference and Discussion

DICENTIS Conference System

Revolutionary IP-based platform for the integrated conference world of tomorrow

DICENTIS Conference System

Inform. Impress. Inspire.

The installation and configuration of the DICENTIS Conference System is quick and easy. With an IP- and server-based architecture, it is built on open standards to ensure a high degree of flexibility, superior audio performance for up to 100 languages, and enable third party integration. The system harnesses the most powerful security protection on the market to safeguard sensitive data throughout the conference chain.

Always delivering and adapting to evolving needs

Flexibility and user experience is at the heart of the DICENTIS Conference System, so customers can plan for expansion with adaptability for the years ahead. Discover how you can take full advantage of the IP-related benefits of DICENTIS.

Choose your perfect aesthetic match

Sometimes the aesthetics of a new DICENTIS Flush conference device may demand more than just the standard black color option. When it comes to perfectly blending in the existing architecture and furniture, our wide range of customizing options will ensure that you find the best fit for your meeting space.

Application areas and references

DICENTIS is ideal for a wide variety of uses, from small to complex integrated meeting set-ups, from small-sized organizations to multinational corporations, as well as local, to national governments and international summits. The system is capable of connecting a network of up to 750 conference devices and even more upon request. It seamlessly integrates with other systems sharing the same IP network such as video streams or content management systems.

Unique conference devices

Encouraging constructive dialogue, that’s what it is all about. The complete product line-up provides an enhanced meeting experience – thanks to the intelligent Bosch audio technologies, innovative design and advanced discussion functionalities.

The road to DICENTIS…

Bringing DICENTIS from concept or idea through market release and beyond incorporates an entire journey. Internal stakeholders talk about their involvement in this journey.

Innovator spotlight

The Innovator Spotlight features leaders in the conference industry embracing the latest technology and solutions.

Mastering DICENTIS

Mastering DICENTIS

Learn more about the DICENTIS system design, intuitive interface and practice application design. This will help make your work more efficient, your conference and discussion projects more profitable and your support network bigger.

Create an account on the Bosch Communication Systems Academy and register for the training that suits you best. Qualify yourself for DICENTIS and tell your customers all about it.

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