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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Global

Repair & Exchange

Your repair will be executed by highly qualified technicians with trained expertise.

Trouble Shooting


Whenever a product does not function as expected, we recommend that you leave the devices mounted and connected to clarify the fault with our technical support. This way, our experts can still connect to the products for troubleshooting and recovery. Most cases of the incidents with no hardware failure can be resolved immediately.

In case of hardware failure, we help you to clarify questions of warranty, service level, repair process or product exchange.

Service handling of products in warranty

Service for products that are in warranty are free of charge. Any product that does not function as specified due to a defect in material or workmanship will be either fully repaired or replaced with a product of the same model that functions as specified. Depending on the type of product, the actual availability of spare parts and products and the individual service requests we offer a service solution either as Carry In repair or as Advanced exchange. Please contact us when you have a service request and we will inform you about the service level options of the affected product.

Service handling for product out of warranty

For products where the warranty has already expired, we still offer a solution as long as the product is still in production and in general even for another five years after the end of production. As service solution we offer either a chargeable repair service, sale of refurbished products of the same model or sale of a new product of the same model or similar or successor model with same or better functionality. Chargeable repairs We differentiate between repairs at the flat rate and repairs according to cost estimate. Both prices include transport costs, diagnostics, repair, spare parts, required updates where applicable, calibration where necessary, function test, cleaning, repair report, quality checks, and safety checks. Please contact us to clarify all further details of the repair.

You can get an overview of all service levels covered by the warranty terms. Just download the Service policies with detailed information.

Repair in a return material authorization process (RMA)

If your Bosch device is defective, we will help you to find a solution as soon as possible. We make short processing times possible using clear, standardized processes.

To achieve this, we need your cooperation, such as notification of a shipment using the return material authorization form (hereinafter referred to as “RMA”). Please always obtain this RMA before you return any product to us for repair or exchange.

A fully and correctly completed RMA speeds up processing enormously, and your downtimes are minimized.

To guarantee high quality repairs, our team works closely with other technical departments like R&D and Quality Management. In addition, we do not just repair your device; we process it completely. Therefore, before the device is prepared for shipping, it undergoes an obligatory quality and safety check. If necessary, further tests are administered to ensure that it is working properly.

Answers to frequently asked questions

The service desk will inform you about the service level applicable for a specific RMA once they receive your request. They will offer you the service level that ensures the shortet turnaround time and the most appropriate solution for your specific product.

Yes, you can always ask, if an advanced exchange is possible for your RMA and we will try to handle your RMA accordingly if possible and if there are swap products available. Please be aware that there some restrictions:

  • Advanced exchange is not possible if you have cutomized your product, for example if you painted the housing in a different colour.
  • Especially for products that are not in production anymore and products that are not on stock and "made to order" only the availability of swap items might limited.
  • When a defective product is replaced in an RMA with service level advanced exchange, thes swap product will have a different serial number and MAC address and firmware version and therefore might require additional programming and configuration effort. Please always check the firmware version of the swap product.
  • The warranty confirmation made when the RMA is created might be voided when the defective product is returned and the failure is found to be a customer induced damage.
  • You will be invoiced a "non-return-fee" if the defective product is not returned within four weeks after delivery of the swap product.

Yes, you can always ask, if a carry-in service is possible for your RMA and we will try to handle your RMA accordingly if possible. We do recomment to request a carr-in repair if you want to get your specific product with the same serial number and the same MAC Addres back and if the product is customized (e.g. when it is painted in a different colour). Please be aware that there some restrictions:

  • Carry-in is not possible if your product is damaged beyond economical repair, for example if it was struck by lightning.
  • Especially for products that are not in production anymore it might not be possible to source all required spare parts for a repair.

You can find the the latest version of the RMA form on our webpage. (Please make sure that you have selected the correct country.) You can also contact our service desk.

To find out the warranty status of your product please check the date on the invoice and add the applicable warranty period for your specific product. You can find the warranty period in our warranty terms that is available on our webpage (Please make sure that you have selected the correct country.) When in doubt, you can also contact our service desk.

You can find all contact details of our servie desk and of our technical support on our webpage. (Please make sure that you have selected the correct country.)

When your product does not function as expected, please check the user manual. Always contact our technical support first before you dismount the product to send it to a service center for repair. Many malfunctions can be easily fixed for example by a HW or SW reset or a firmware update.

Customs must alwasys be paid the receiver of the shipment to ensure timely delivery and to avoid any delays. You can claim back the cost for customs from our service desk afterwards.

You are responsible to ensure that defective products are shipped back to our service center. Bosch will organize the transport and pay for it. We will provide you with a return label from the forwarding company in charge and you only need to contact them to confirm the pick up location, date and time. Return shipment of repaired products or replacement products are fully taken care of by Bosch.

We offer a 90 day product warranty on repaired products. This means we repair or exchange all products that have a defect in material or workmanship no matter if the defect is cuased by the same or a different part.

Rent an expert for on-site repair

Rent an expert for on-site repair

We support you with an on-site repair offering in case of hardware malfunctions. By providing on-site repair we ensure fast reaction times as well as cost and time efficient uninstallation and shipment of the failed products to a repair center.

Warranty and warranty extension

Warranty and warranty extension

Most Bosch Security and Safety products come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty and offer a warranty extension of up to two years.

Standard warranty period on all our fixed optical cameras and the fixed parts of our moving cameras is five years.

High quality spare parts

High quality spare parts

We have the right Bosch spare parts for almost every product for you. You can rely on the high quality of all spare parts, and we can guarantee precise processing and the perfect fit for your individual needs.

Even if a product is no longer manufactured, its spare parts are usually still in stock for another five years.

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