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Our products, software, and services are built on trust, supporting predictive analytics and sustainable business practices. Our goal is to help security professionals, consultants, specifiers, and end-users along their journey to predictive solutions. So, they can respond before a potential situation occurs, or leverage business intelligence that goes beyond security.

Power to Predict

Imagine if we can predict unforeseen or future situations. We can prevent things from happening and strengthen the protection of people and property. Or uncover business opportunities that create new revenue streams or reduce operational costs.

Harnessing the Power to Predict requires making good and efficient use of the rich and versatile video data generated by video systems. Something we have embraced since the trend first emerged. Our solutions, like cameras, are offered with AI as a built-in standard. They can be connected to the IoT to support recurring revenue models via services and remote access and management via the secure Bosch cloud. All with one goal in mind – to ultimately give everyone the Power to Predict, so they’ll always stay one step ahead by knowing what’s next.

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AI meets IoT in 100% of our portfolio


Moving towards predictive solutions with sustainability and trust in mind

Built on AIoT

Over the past decade, Bosch has participated in the adoption and growth of AI-driven video systems and solutions. Prior to 2016, the industry focused on security, relying on human review of video footage with reactions based on what was seen. The next step was to take advantage of the richer and more versatile video data provided by sensors, like video security cameras. The key to this is enabling “things” to interpret video and deliver actionable insights; which Bosch has been doing since 2016. Our defined “AI meets IoT” strategy and the existing technologies and solutions help us to lead our customers on the journey from reactive to predictive environments. Moving towards predictive solutions only makes sense if everything we do is designed around our customers’ needs, built on trust, and supports sustainable business practices.

Predictive solutions

Predictive solutions

All our video security cameras are offered with AI as a built-in standard. Their AI capabilities enable them to understand what they’re seeing and to add meaning to captured video with metadata. This is an important first step in converting video data into actionable insights and building predictive solutions. Bosch already has technologies such as deep learning video analytics that helps move one step closer towards predictive solutions. This advanced analytics technology relies on another type of machine learning — deep learning, which uses artificial neural networks that attempt to mimic the human brain allowing it to learn from large amounts of data and recognize patterns to tackle more complex tasks faster, easier, and more accurately.

Sustainable business practices

Sustainable business practices

Sustainability is fundamental to our thinking. Bosch is the first major industrial company to have attained CO₂ neutrality at its 400 sites in 2020. But at Bosch, climate protection goes even further. We aim to reduce emissions from the upstream and downstream supply chain by 15 percent by 2030. Our trusted, leading technology is designed to support predictive solutions and give customers actionable insights they can use to support sustainable business, such as the Green Way promise.

Trusted solutions

Trusted solutions

Quality is a vital concept deeply rooted in the Bosch corporate philosophy. For generations, customers have trusted Bosch to deliver quality products and innovative technologies. When you buy Bosch IP cameras, you know you are getting the most performant, robust, connected, and secure cameras on the planet for absolute peace of mind. To uphold our quality principles and serve as guidance, we have established a set of assurances based on trust. We call this way of thinking: Simply Trusted.

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