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Intrusion Alarm Systems

We've got you covered. Our intrusion alarm systems are the best at catching intruders with freedom from annoying false alarms. It's like nothing really happens.

Intruder detected by a motion sensor in a building

Security you can trust. Detection you can depend on.

Keeping the wrong people out is the goal of every security system. But when your facility is at risk, you want to know that your intrusion system will perform. Bosch delivers the most flexible and reliable intrusion products. With detectors that make the correct decision every time to highly capable systems with the flexibility to meet different requirements, Bosch helps to protect properties, assets and most importantly, people. We maximize peace of mind. So whatever happens, nothing really happens.

3 reasons why to choose Bosch intrusion alarm solutions

Our intrusion alarm solutions

Employee arming the burglar alarm system at the arming station

Intrusion alarm control panels

From simple installations to extensive projects, we offer integrated security alarm solutions based on award-winning technology and backed by superior support. Bosch offers complete solutions with a full line of easy-to-use control panels, keypads, communication devices and more to provide the right solution for small applications such as stand-alone retail stores, to large applications such as office buildings, warehouses and banks.

An activated motion sensor mounted on a wall inside a building

Motion sensors and detectors

Intrusion detection is a delicate balance between responding to real security breaches and ignoring costly false alarm sources. Our state-of-the-art motion sensors provide best-in-class catch performance while virtually eliminating false triggers such as strong drafts, moving objects, and the presence of pets. Advanced design features ensure an installation that is both fast and more reliable.

Glass break sensor detects a break-in and set off an alarm

Specialty sensors and detectors

In addition to motion detectors, our detector range includes seismic and shock detectors, request-to-exit detectors, long-range detectors, glass break detectors as well as panic buttons and door and window contacts. Covering multiple applications and delivering excellent catch performance together with false alarm immunity.

An activated wireless motion detector inside a building

Wireless solutions

Our range of wireless devices integrates with our control panels to provide secure and scalable solutions. Exceptional battery life, advanced diagnostics and multiple device enrollment options make installation and maintenance simple and cost-effective. With a complete set of wireless detectors from motion detectors and panic buttons, to fire alarm sensors and sensors that detect carbon monoxide, we offer the flexibility for virtually any application requirement.

Operator on the phone looking at the monitoring screens

Alarm communication

As one of the pioneers of alarm over IP technology, Bosch has a wealth of experience with both intrusion and fire alarm communications deployed worldwide. When events happen, you can be automatically notified by our mobile apps while at the same time the proper authorities at central monitoring centers are taking action. Bosch offers integrated Ethernet and Cellular IP communication solutions as well as add-on modules for greater flexibility in supporting a variety of installation conditions.

Expert service and support

We can support your business with application advice and specialized technical support. Our international network of integration and product experts are available for your questions and challenges. For instance when you need advice on integrating different systems, what components you should consider or to find out what the most cost-effective solution is for your project.

Next to that, we offer extensive training opportunities via the Bosch Building Technologies Academy, so you can become an expert yourself.

Contact our specialists

If you would like to find out more, or want to know how we can help you with your intrusion alarm needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representative(s).

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An intrusion alarm system should be reliable, fast in detecting intruders and not cause false alarms. It should also have the ability to be monitored by central station receivers, be easy to use for the end user and allow integration with other systems.

We offer a wide range of intrusion alarm solutions from control panels, motion detectors, sensors, wireless devices to alarm communication. You can find our intrusion alarm systems products in our online product catalog.

Our detectors have best-in-class false alarm immunity through a combination of high quality optics, advanced patented signal processing, state-of-the-art mechanical designs including sealed optical chambers and reliable components.

Yes, we offer a portfolio of wireless devices which seamlessly integrate with Bosch control panels.

Our wireless intrusion alarm systems offer a superior range and reliability, have an average of 5 years battery life, simplified installation and have the ability to use repeaters to get more wireless coverage.

Yes, we have several systems where arming and disarming can be controlled via a mobile app.

Our intrusion alarm systems are very scalable. It is easy to add more hardware such as input and output expander, communication modules, wireless sensors, keypads and readers at any point in time.

You can buy our intrusion alarm products from specialized dealers and distributors, or become a direct customer from a certain value upwards. You can find the addresses of our dealers with the Bosch dealer locator.

Most Bosch Security and Safety products come with at least 3 years manufacturer warranty, which can go up to even 8 years for some motion detectors.

It is not required, however highly recommended to follow our free online trainings via the Bosch Academy. Our trainings are designed to help you install and run complex projects faster, smoother and more profitably. Next to that, we offer classroom trainings that go more into depth.

If you purchased the system via a specialized distributor, please contact their customer support. Direct Bosch customers only can consult our expert technical support team via email, in this document you will find the right e-mail address for your region.

Our intrusion alarm system can be integrated with several other security solutions like video surveillance systems, access control systems, etc.

You can find the certifications in the technical product information, i.e. data sheets, which you can all find in our online product catalog.

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