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Intrusion Alarm Systems

Specialty sensors and detectors

A night sky with the portfolio of Bosch intrusion specialty sensors and detectors

Your building security must be flawless at all times. This can be quite a challenge when situations and requirements become very specific. Our comprehensive range of intrusion detection products is always up to the task. With each product possessing its unique qualities, they provide the opportunity to create tailor-made solutions for specific applications, ensuring excellent catch performance. This truly makes the sky the limit.

Our Solutions

A store with window display at night

Glass break detectors

Glass break detectors detect breakage of different types of glass like plate, tempered, laminated and wired. They feature Sound Analysis Technology (SAT) powered by microprocessors to detect precise frequencies caused by shattering glass. They can be installed in for example offices, shops, restaurants, banks and museums. A built-in environmental test feature alerts the installer to false alarm hazards in harsh environments. The range and scalability offered by the glass break detectors promise dependable performance and premium quality.

A bank vault door

Seismic detectors

The seismic detector is sensitively recognizing vibrations caused by explosives and tools such as diamond-tipped drills, mechanical and hydraulic rams, flame cutters, thermal lances, or water jet cutters. Moreover, it tolerates environmental conditions and vibrations caused from vehicles. Intelligent signal processing monitors a narrow frequency range, thereby offering reliable detection and reducing the risk of false alarms. Therefore, it provides 24-hour surveillance of for example vault walls and doors, safes, automatic telling machines, banks, jewelry stores and casinos.

Side view of burglar in mask and leather gloves holding ATM

Shock sensor

Our advanced shock sensor monitors and detects mechanical attacks. The high performance of the shock sensor is enhanced by the intelligent analysis technology based on the Bosch MEMS sensor, to increase catch performance and reduce false alarms. The shock sensor is equipped with self-learning mode which enables the sensor to learn background noise e.g. ATM cash vibrations and traffic. Therefore, the shock sensor provides 24-hour surveillance of for example automatic telling machines, strong rooms and vending machines.

A warehouse filled in with cardboard boxes

Long range PIR detectors

The long range PIR detectors detect motion across a large area and have three sensitivity settings to cover a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for use in for example warehouses, supermarkets, large retail, supercenters and other large sites. The long range PIR detectors utilize Motion Analyzer II signal processing to minimize false alarms. Moreover, Bosch has two long-range PIR detectors, one of them with the option of changing the optics to obtain different detection distances. The installer can then choose the optics himself, according to the surface to be covered, making installation simpler.

A panic button under a table is being pushed by someone’s finger

Panic button

The panic button is meant for users to manually and discretely activate an alarm in an instance of danger. It is installed in for example banks, jewelry stores, gas stations, hospitals and public institutions with counters. Panic buttons are typically placed under tables, the round shape protecting users' knees and prevent false activations. For quick and easy installation the enclosure can be opened and closed without the use of any tools.

A blue garage and back exit door of a building

Door and window contacts

We offer a collection of different types of magnetic door and window contacts, both surface mount and recessed. They can be used to monitor whether a door or window is opened or closed.

Staircase entrance to an office

Request-to-exit detectors

Request-to-exit (REX) detectors can be used to release door control hardware for safe and easy egress. They detect motion in their coverage area and can signal an access control system or door control device. The detector senses the movement of a person in front of the secured door which releases the exit door allowing the person to exit. Also, the coverage pattern can be adjusted to focus on certain area or exclude a zone. Request-to-exit detectors can be installed in for example banks, hospitals and commercial buildings.

Our specialty sensors and detectors portfolio

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