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Bosch Security and Safety Systems I Global

Connect, analyze, visualize data

Visualize security data

Make informed decisions to ensure the safety and security of people and property

Our cameras connect to the IoT to support recurring revenue models with services and remote access and management via the secure Bosch cloud. These cloud services create a robust ecosystem including:

  • remote monitoring
  • management & maintenance
  • Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).

This environment supports the creation of a decision center with a single, clear dashboard that offers a faster, more intuitive, and reliable way to identify, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sensors. Users can interpret data on the screen to respond to unforeseen, unwanted, or future situations. So we can move closer to predictive solutions with Video Systems from Bosch.


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Gather data

Video security camera

Demand for video surveillance grows every year as organizations seek to increase the safety and security of people and property. We make it easy to gather and filter data from multiple connected cameras and translate it into a useable format that can feed data into a dashboard. Like a control panel, the dashboard delivers and displays actionable information for business intelligence – helping you understand traffic patterns, congestion points, and more.

Analyze data

Real-time data is continuously collected and consolidated from connected devices. Operators can analyze traffic flow patterns, detect crowd formations, and translate this data into dashboards. VSaaS by Bosch enables users to monitor, manage, record, and replay video security footage directly in the cloud from anywhere. It helps site managers, security operators, or operations staff make quick decisions, especially from remote locations, when faced with events, preventing them from becoming incidents. The built-in Video Analytics of Bosch cameras helps them autonomously detect pre-defined situations and trigger the cloud-based alarm management service. If needed, the cloud service will alert users to take appropriate action.

Train station with connecting lines

Visualize data

Train station with connecting lines

Intuitive software allows operators to understand the context of data from multiple cameras and make informed decisions. It allows operators to quickly see the number of counted objects such as people or cars within a specific time, object movement, crowd formation, or area fill-level. All data is visualized in real-time, so users can evaluate the information and gain a genuine understanding of the situation and context, allowing for swift decisions to prevent an event from escalating.

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