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New AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras with deep learning video analytics improve city surveillance and traffic monitoring

March 2023

AUTODOME in application

The new AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras feature IVA Pro, an expert suite of application-specific video analytics offering reliable, precise classification for city surveillance, traffic monitoring and long-distance perimeter detection. Further enhancing reliability, these cameras are equipped with a unique positioning system. The cameras will always retain their position and provide consistently stable images despite power outages, excessive force, and vibration. To ensure relevant data is captured 24/7, the AUTODOME 7100i (IR) camera portfolio offers 1080p and 4K ultra-HD resolutions, starlight technology and optional IR models. To save valuable time while still maintaining safety standards, the cameras employ a simplified installation concept and require no calibration for person or vehicle detection.



Ensure advanced detection, tracking and (sub)classification of vehicles and persons, thanks to deep learning combined with high-image quality and a new, reliable hardware design. Get 24/7 imaging performance outdoors, even in challenging lighting.


Significantly reduce false alarms and time and expense of, for example, operators monitoring traffic scenes.

Expand the applications of the camera with tailor-made video analytics and create new revenue streams for your business.


Fast, safe and easy installation with a new simplified, patented installation concept.


AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras are completely PVC free.
Energy consumption and carbon footprint can be reduced with remote access and maintenance.


Keep systems and sensitive video data safe with the highest levels of security and built-in quality.

Seamless integration

Take advantage of IVA Pro data, for alarm scripting or event-based recording, thanks to seamless integration with leading video management systems.

Use cases


Meet the AUTODOME 7100i (IR) family


Infographic AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras

AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras


Product introduction leaflet AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras

AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras

Product introduction leaflet

Get started with Bosch AUTODOME 7100i (IR) cameras

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