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How AI gun detection can help ensure safety and security

Our AI Gun Detection System is the first to pair video and audio analytics to detect guns and gunshots in various locations.

Flexidome 5100i

Our award-winning Gun Detection System is designed to:

  • Detect firearms and alert personnel for verification
  • Detect and classify gunshots while estimating the sound’s origins
  • Provide high-quality video for forensics to assist law enforcement and first responders in emergencies
  • Assist security personnel in ensuring the safety of employees and visitors

Take your security to the next level with visual and audio AI

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When someone brandishing a gun approaches a location or business, our AI Gun Detection System is designed to promptly alert security teams who can verify the gun and take proactive measures. If a gun is not visually detected, audio AI, the second layer, is designed to detect and classify gunshots while estimating the direction from which the sound originates.

Designed to be nearly invisible, our AI Gun Detection System offers a discreet alternative to traditional metal detectors. Its unobtrusive nature ensures a smooth daily flow for employees and visitors in workplaces, schools, and government buildings, fostering a welcoming atmosphere.

The Gun Detection System can operate independently, but it is also compatible with other systems like video, access control, and public address. These integration paths enable additional responses like human verification, locking doors, initiating automated public address and two-way radio announcements, and dictating smart lockdown and evacuation protocols. This capability may enable quick and appropriate responses, such as executing access control measures, including automatically locking doors to prevent entry. And since the system’s visual gun detection and audio gunshot detection layers are camera-based, security staff can also rely on high-quality video footage for forensics supporting first responders.

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Early, fast detection, and notifications

  • Our gun detection technology is designed to reduce reaction time to support rapid mobilization of security teams and emergency response plans before a shot is fired inside the field of view and recognize gunshots outside the field of view.
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Frictionless solution

  • Designed to be nearly invisible as opposed to metal detectors, the Gun Detection System may help ensure a smooth daily flow for employees and visitors without interruptions and provide a welcoming environment.
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Privacy protected

  • No audio or video data needs to be recorded or leave the security camera, as AI processing is carried out on-edge, not in the cloud, ensuring the privacy of people.
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  • Our system works round the clock for maximum cost and operational efficiency, providing complete coverage without blind spots. Security teams can rely on high-quality video footage for forensics supporting first responders.
  • CES award
  • SCA award
  • CST award

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Autodome 7100i IR

AI and the Power to Predict

We believe artificial intelligence (AI) plays a vital role in making life simpler and better. It’s the main reason our video security cameras have had Video Analytics as a built-in standard since 2016 and why we offer AI cloud services.

Our video analytics are developed on the same Bosch intellectual property used in automotive applications across the industry, for things like autonomous driving. It’s also future-proof thanks to continuous firmware updates and closed-loop learning.

AI solutions help you make smart decisions and respond proactively to minimize risk and potential damages. Ultimately, we want to empower you to know what's next. We call this the Power to Predict, and it serves as our guiding principle. And we're here to support you every step of the way.

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